Our Programs

Our solution is to focus on elements that will help veterans get back on their feet and achieve self-sustainability: education, psychological treatment, medical assistance, housing, and food.

Our Facility

We are looking to obtain a facility in Palm Spring, CA. This will host both our training programs and our storefront, where we will accept donations such as clothing, shoes, furniture, and electronics and then resell them to help fund our programs. Our store will also be able to help provide employment to some veterans and others within our community.

Training & Education

We will function as a small employment agency, helping veterans find available positions–primarily in government positions such as police departments–and assisting them with resumes, cover letters, interview skills, and additional training such as how to use a computer, how to dress for an interview, and profession training. Referrals to technical schools and assistance applying to college will also be available.


We will have a professional therapists and psychologists at our facility that are able to provide assistance to veterans in need. They will be experienced in addressing the specific needs of veterans and those with PTSD.

Medical Items

Some veterans require items such as wheelchairs, canes, prosthesis, and compression sleeves. We provide these items free of charge. We also help them obtain the benefits they deserve, such as social security, disability claims, and food stamps.


We purchase houses that have been repossessed by banks at a discounted price, and then repair or renovate them as needed in order to be up to current OSHA standards. These homes are offered to veterans and their families free of charge for three months, during which assistance will be provided to help them secure gainful employment. After these three months, they may remain in the home but must pay monthly rent.

We will also purchase and renovate mobile homes, however these will be sold to be public and the money raised used to help fund our other programs.

Food Drive

We will host food drives in order to obtain the donations necessary to fund our food bank. Veterans and their families may withdraw up to 4lbs of food a week, as well as toiletries and other critical household items.

Holiday Celebrations

Hard work is important, but we also recognize that every needs to have fun every now and then. We will host events in various locations such as at our facility, local parks, and so on for our veterans over major holidays. Transportation will be provided for those who require it.