The Crime is a universal problem.  However, thanks to our Veterans who sacrifice their lives to defend our Country,…America, always it going to be the safest place to live in the world”. So, please, help us to help.  Lets work together for them.

Many of them are old and retired and don’t have a decent place to live, no food, no cloth and are sick,…that is not fair.  They need us.  We need to rescue them from the streets.

The other young soldiers/veterans that are returning home from the war or service.  Some of them loss a leg or both legs, an arm, an eye, etc.  They have a wife and children waiting for them.  So, when they are back, don’t have nothing.  So,…they need a house, food, cloth, a job to support their families.  They need us, they need our help.  Please, help us to make together a difference for them.


“That’s the way to say thanks to our heroes!!!”

We are a nonprofit organization devoted to meeting the needs of our heroes; your support will help us make a difference in their lives.

Veterans have high rates of mental illness, trauma, substance abuse, and suicide. They also make up 10% of America’s homeless. Veterans receiving the support they need is critical to ensuring they are able to adjust to civilian life successfully and gainfully.

10u Veteran, Inc. works to help retired veterans secure their benefits, and younger veterans obtain gainful employment, medical assistance, and housing. That’s the way to say thanks to our heroes.